The school has the following Classes

Primary : Nursery , Kindergarten and Classes I to V

Secondary : Classes VI to X.

Senior Secondary : Classes XI to XII.

A child should be three years old for admission into class Nursery. The age is decided from 1st June of the current year. Thus a child should be six years old in Class One, and sixteen years old when he/she completes Class Ten. In case of Pre-primary, an interview of the child and his or her Parent/Guardian will be conducted before giving admission, whereas a written examination in case of other classes will be conducted for the same.

In Eleven, provisional admission is given to students, from any CBSE / ICSE or other board School in the country. This admission is based on their Progress Report of Classes Nine and Ten

of their previous Institution. The stream to be allotted is done by the school, based on the level of achievement in the required subjects. The admission becomes permanent, only when the student submits a photocopy of the pass certificate.

In Class Eleven the Courses offered are:

  • Science and Commerce
  • Science Stream
  • Compulsory Subjects
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Optional : Computer Science/Hindi/ Physical Education.

    Commerce Stream

    Compulsory- Subjects : English, Economics, Business Studies / Accountancy/Optional Computer Science / Physical Education / Hindi.


  • 1- Prospectus and Registration Forms for admission from Nursery to Class Nine, and Class XI, are available from the School Office from the first week of December of the current year on payment of Rs. 200/- Admission in Classes Ten and Twelve can also be done, subject to approval of the Board. In this case, the student must be studying in a Recognised CBSE Institution, and approval must be sought from the Board, before 31st July of the current year.
  • 2- These forms duly filled, along with TC certificate, Registration Card, Parents Transfer Letter, Photocopy of last Report Card (when required), must be returned to the School Office, within the stipulated period.
  • 3- Admission will depend directly on the Principal, who may accept or reject any admission form without assigning any reason.
  • 4- Candidates selected for admission will deposit the admission fees, and Transfer Certificates in Original (wherever applicable) by the stipulated date or the admission will stand rejected.
  • 5- All admission should be made by Parent/Guardian who will be responsible for timely payment of fees.
  • 6- Admission Fees and monthly Tuition Fees are mentioned in the Fee Chart. These are subject to change every year.
  • 7- All correspondence must be addressed to

  • 1- Promotion to the next Class depends on performance in assessments and examinations held during the course of the whole year and not on the performance in the final examination only.
  • 2- Student missing an examination cannot appear for it at a later date.
  • 3- Answer scripts will be shown to students only on a fixed date
  • 4- Answer sheets will not be shown to Parents. However, a parent may give an application for the rechecking of a script, to the Principal, on the payment of Rs. 100-per script.
  • 5- Report Cards will not be issued if fees are in arrears.
  • 6- A Student, who fails two years in the same class, will not be allowed to continue in the school.
  • 7- An application and a Medical Certificate, from a registered medical practioner, must support absence due to illness.
  • 8- 75% attendance is mandatory for promotion to the next class. For Class X. 75% attendance in Classes IX and X, and for Class XII, 75% attendance in Classes Eleven and Twelve is demanded by the Board. The Board will be notified, regarding defaulters in this respect, who in turn, may not allow the student to sit for the Board Examination.
  • 9- The decision made by the Principal, in consultation with the concerned teachers is final.
  • 10- Class X & XII students will have to appear and pass the pre-board examination failing which they will not be allowed to appear for the CBSE board examination.

    A transfer certificate is issued at the cost of Rs 150.00 (one Hundred and fifty only) School fees and other dues are charged upto the month of the issue of Transfer. A transfer certificate is only issued after an application is made to the Principal and a time of 15 days should be taken to receive the Transfer Certificate. A duplicate transfer certificate will be issued at the cost of Rs. 300/-.


    1- Student’s name may be struck off from the School rolls for the following reasons

    (a) Fee is not paid.

    (b) Fails two years in the same class

    (c) Gross misconduct

    (d) Is in a habit of using unfair means in examinations

    (e) Parents/ Guardians do not conform to School regulations

    (f) If the School feels that the child is not beneficing by continuing his/her education

    (g) Parents receive three important notices regarding the child, and pay no heed

  • 2- Parents/ Guardians are not allowed, to see students or interview teachers without prior permission of the Principal, during working hours.
  • 3- Parents/ Guardians are responsible to see that their children reach School on time, and make arrangements for them to go home immediately after School hours. The Management will not be held responsible for any student after working hours.
  • 4- Parents should attend the School office when sent for by the Principal.
  • 5- No parent should get their child tutored by a teacher of the School unless permission is obtained, in writing, from the Principal. Stern action will be taken against parents who waive this rule.
  • 6- Once a student comes to School, he/shall will NOT be allowed to leave the campus, during working hours, unless the FATHER/MOTHER comes to collect him/her after seeking the permission of the Principal. No application for leave during working hours will be entertained.
  • 7- Students, in uniform, are ambassadors of the School, hence they are expected to behave in a responsible manner, while on their way to, and back from School.
  • 8- Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, constant neglect of homework, disobedience and disrespect towards the School staff or bad moral influence, will merit dismissal.
  • 9- Any kind of damage to School property by a student will require compensation.
  • 10- Students are not granted leave, outside the vacation period, except in the case of illness, which must be supported by a Medical Certificate.
  • 11- Students suffering from, or being in contact with an infectious disease, must produce a certificate, from a competent authority, that he/she may attend Classes, without risk of conveying the infection.
  • 12- Pupils may be required to take part in various extra-curricular activities. When required to do so, participation will be deemed compulsory by the School authorities.
  • 13- Ordinarily, a School diary is published under the authority of the Institution each year. Any changes in the rules, are notified in this Diary. Students, must possess a copy of this book. Parents should also check the School diary daily. A duplicate will be issued only on a payment of Rs. 100.
  • 14- Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of he school in particular enforcing regularity and discipline by evincing interest in their child’s progress and by extending their fullest encouragement to participate in co-curricular and extra curricular activities. Parents should also check the School Diary regularly.