Overview & Our Identity

The School is located at Dwijesh Marg, Basti. It is 500 meters from the Roadways and situated near telephone colony. Our Primary Branch Situated at Katra, Opposite Tahsil Gate, Basti. Decades of experience and educational expertise have contributed to an ideal educational environment. Efficient administration coupled with an ethos of devotional service of those employed has imbibed an evolutionary educational system.

The School’s mission and educational philosophy aims to provide children with a broad base career oriented education so that they grow up to be thinking persons, equipped with the moral fibre and skill to excel in any situation anywhere in the world.

By forming in children the habits of piety, virtue, discipline and self-reliance. Our School aims at making children capable of becoming responsible, productive and useful members of society. We teach them the values of Discipline and Justice which they can be able to understand and use in their future lives. Children are taught the rules of discipline and they learn to follow the rules of our institution.

The academic year is divided into three semesters. During the three semesters there will be three terminal examinations. There are three main vacations during the working year, Students and parents are requested to make use of only these three vacations for long tours out of Station. The summer Vacation is in May/June followed by the Puja Vacations in Sept/October and the Winter Vacations in December

Saturday’s are used for Co-Curricular activities, Painting, Taekwondo, Aerobics, Badminton and Basketball. Special coaching for Cricket is also given on Saturdays.

All Students should come to school in clean and tidy clothes and in the school prescribed uniforms. None without proper uniforms shall be admitted to the class. Only on Birthday’s Children can come dressed in coloured clothes. The school day begins with the assembly of all the students and the members of the staff. It is part and parcel of the school programme. It consists of the School Prayer, Pledge taking followed by todays head lines thought of the day, Extempore by students from different houses and class and the National Anthem are said. Students must be punctual for school. To be admitted to the classroom students who have been absent and late comers must show their respective class teachers their regularity records duly countersigned by the Principal. Students must make it a point to be at least 15 minutes before the assembly bell.

The School has three well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Materials and equipments we do not lack, we are par excellence. The School’s resources in science inspire the students to “Reach for the stars”.

There is a well-stocked Fiction and Reference library and the School subscribes to a variety of magazines and newspapers. Children are encouraged to use the Library regularly especially for their projects and other reference work.

We offer innovative beginnings for the Pre-primary children. We have delightful legacy of years of experience in garnishing child development to its fullest. A playpen, play and learn “Fun & Learn”. “See through doing” is a special feature of process of early development. Emphasis is given on control of sensory and motor nerves. Stimulus Response theory is ideally exploited as one of the most innovative media of learning.

We aspire to provide the best to all and extract the best for you and your family. For this purpose Parent-Teachers Meetings arc organized on a regular basis. Special focus is provided to Board students.

The School organizes on a regular basis; Inter-House sports competitions, which includes games like Cricket, Football. Basketball. Table Tennis, Badminton and Kho-Kho. Students have also brought laurels to the School in activities like Taikwando and Yoga.

Music is a big culture. The School Provide Dance and Music classes to promote upcoming talent.

Children from Class First are divided into four Houses; Red, Yellow, Green and Blue House. There is a healthy competition among these houses. Prizes, Shields and Certificates are distributed to the victorious in various curricular and extracurricular activities. [soundy button]