The course of study followed in the school is in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the council for the All India Senior Secondary Certificate Education (AISSCE) CBSE Board.


  • Communicative English (Reading, Writing, Literature, Grammar, Conversation, Dictation); Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Moral Science, Craft, Drawing, games and Drill (P.T.), Music, Yoga and General Knowledge.

  • English Core, Hindi Core, Sanskrit (Up to 8th), Mathematics, Science, Computer Science /Moral Science, SUPW, Music, Physical Education and, Yoga and General Knowledge grading/shramdan.
  • The annual promotions are decided on the basis of continuous evaluation.

  • English core, Hindi Core, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science. A pass grade in SUPW, Physical Education and Art & Craft will be essential requirement for promotions.
  • The school emphasises the co-curricular activities of the students. They are given opportunities to evolve into social work, public speaking, music and dance, craft, gardening debates, group discussions &shramdan etc.
  • Commerce, accounting, Economics and Business Studies are taught by able faculty.

    All co-curricular activities and Physical Education is compulsory for all the students.